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The U.S. government takes a more expansive view on tax law than it does on immigration law. This means that a wider group is subject to being taxed, and those who are considered U.S. persons, whether they reside in the U.S. or not, may share the same tax burdens with U.S. citizens. There are steps you can take to ameliorate your tax burden based on your residency status.

An individual’s tax burden can depend on his or her residency status. Individuals, business owners and investors may be treated differently. We have the experience and depth of knowledge on residency tax issues to:

  • Clarify for our clients how their residency status affects their tax burden
  • Identify the available options for securing an optimal tax obligation (tax treaty options, foreign tax credit, etc.)
  • Ensure tax obligation compliance with U.S. and the government of residence

Creating Tax Solutions For You

Kundra & Associates focus exclusively on helping our clients overcome complex and challenging tax situations. You will get extensive experience, sophisticated representation and attorneys that exceed just leveling the playing field — we can place you in a better position.

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