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Responding To Employment Tax Liability Issues

When payroll tax payments are missed, or when a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or other type of business entity fails to report withholdings, the IRS and state taxing authorities will investigate. If the incorrect worker classification resulted in underpaid tax liability, your business, or even you personally, may incur penalties, related interest and possible criminal charges. Depending upon the taxing authority itself, assessment as the responsible party may be automatic.

If your corporation or business failed to file or has never paid taxes for certain employees, or the IRS or a state taxing authority has frozen your account, you need experienced legal counsel. Contact our Washington, D.C., tax attorneys online or call 301-637-8130 to schedule a meeting to discuss your situation.

Is Your Company Or You Being Investigated, Audited Or Charged?

If you or your company is being investigated, audited, and you are facing charges of tax fraud and tax evasion, or facing IRS seizures, fines or levies anywhere in the U.S., the lawyers at Kundra & Associates will provide aggressive defense, counsel and effective resolution.

Negotiated Release Of Frozen Bank Funds And Other Garnishments

Our lawyers can help ensure that you and your business’s rights are protected. The IRS is unable to seize moneys from a bank account, your current employer or a third-party vendor without proper notice. However, once your bank, employer or contractor/debtor receives a notice of seizure from the IRS, it is to either hold your money for a very limited period of time or to calculate what was due as of that date prior to paying it over to the IRS.

The IRS must be contacted immediately to negotiate a partial or full release of your personal or company funds. We are here to help. Not only do we look to the initial seizure, but we will work with you and the taxing authority to come up with terms and conditions to prevent future forced collection actions.

Responding To Additional Tax Issues

When we represent you, we will see to it that immediate steps are taken to prevent or stop the freezing of your corporate, business or personal bank accounts. We work to remove liens or levies on your accounts. If necessary, we will litigate your tax controversy in U.S. Tax Court and all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Assisting You With Complex Tax Issues

If you are being investigated for withholding taxes or another tax issue, we are here to help. Contact our Maryland employment tax liability lawyers online or call 301-637-8130 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.