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Protection Against IRS Asset Seizure, Liens And Penalties

When contacted by an IRS agent or state taxing authority, you may become the subject of a fraud investigation, a tax audit, criminal tax penalties, tax collection proceedings or criminal charges. You need the experience you will find with the tax attorneys at Kundra & Associates. If you fail to cooperate with the taxing authority, the consequences could be severe.

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Providing Dedicated Representation

Whatever challenges you are facing, whether you live inside or outside the U.S., a tax audit lawyer from Kundra & Associates in Rockville, Maryland, is prepared to guide you through any investigation or tax controversy with strength, integrity and focus. Our goal is to restore you to sound legal footing.

When A Professional Tax Controversy Lawyer Is Needed

When you are first approached by an IRS representative, you may feel too uncomfortable and intimidated to discuss financial matters with them. A professional tax controversy attorney offers you the best opportunity to avoid unpleasant consequences such as:

Information, Protection And Advocacy

The tax controversy lawyers of Kundra & Associates are armed with the power of the law to assist you. For example, our tax controversy lawyers can provide you with detailed information on how to calculate your tax liability and exposure to verify that the IRS gave you the required proper notice and/or consideration to your proposals for settlement before freezing your bank account, seizing funds, garnishing your wages or foreclosing on your home.

Kundra & Associates is able to often prevent forced collection actions for individual and business taxpayers through the application of legal provisions, including:

  • Determination of uncollectible status — If your necessary living expenses exceed your income to the point that you are not in a position to pay at this time, the IRS may delay collection, though penalties and interest will accrue.
  • Installment agreements — You can agree to pay the amount owed in monthly increments, with interest and possible penalties.
  • Partial pay agreements — When it is evident that full payment is not an option, a partial pay agreement may be beneficial as it does not extend the allotted time the IRS can collect from you.
  • Abatements — Tax abatement can reduce penalties and related interest, thereby reducing your tax burden.
  • Offers In Compromise (OICs) — If it is unlikely that you will be able to repay what is owed within the prescribed time period, the IRS may agree to settle for a portion of what is owed.

Having Knowledgeable Tax Representation On Your Side

To schedule a consultation, contact a tax controversy lawyer at Kundra & Associates by calling 301-637-8130. We serve clients internationally and nationally, inclusive of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.