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Resolving Divorce-Related Tax Concerns

Tax issues in a divorce can seem overwhelming, especially when one spouse may have hidden assets, failed to file taxes or ignored tax audits without informing the innocent spouse. Tax controversies can also be compounded by either spouse’s lack of cooperation and poor communication.

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Assisting With Tax Issues In Divorce

The taxation lawyers of Kundra & Associates in the Washington, D.C., area are often called into a case by divorce counsel when tax issues arise, including fraudulent joint filing, property division disputes, dependent child exemption disagreements, or missing or erroneous tax returns pertaining to one spouse.

Family law attorneys, counselors or other professionals concerned with a divorce action are encouraged to contact Kundra & Associates in Rockville, Maryland, for legal advice, cocounsel services or representation in divorce taxation issues.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Kundra & Associates assist U.S. clients, foreign corporations and individuals with U.S. tax liability, as well as those with spouses abroad. Our tax law firm assists clients by exploring options such as tax indemnification agreements or application of the innocent spouse relief provision of the Internal Revenue Code by which a spouse can be excused from liability for the other spouse’s tax debt. This may be an option even when spouses filed taxes jointly.

Avoiding Audits, Collections And Prosecution

If a couple or spouse has not filed tax returns for several years in prelude to a divorce, a divorce taxation lawyer from Kundra & Associates will explain the benefits and procedures involved in filing the current year’s taxes while beginning the work of completing past tax returns to avoid tax audits, forced collections or criminal prosecution by the IRS, the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT), the DC Office of Tax and Revenue, or the Virginia Department of Taxation.

To schedule a consultation with a divorce taxation lawyer to discuss issues specific to your circumstances, such as claiming dependents, paying interest on back taxes owed and tax indemnification agreements, contact Kundra & Associates by calling 301-637-8130.