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Efficient Resolution Of International Tax Controversies

U.S. citizens living and working abroad can face a unique set of tax issues. Kundra & Associates provides highly experienced legal solutions to resolve international tax controversies. When you need to resolve an international tax controversy, work with a law firm with in-depth knowledge in international tax issues gained from years of experience. Contact the international tax law firm of Kundra & Associates in Rockville, Maryland.

At Kundra & Associates, our tax attorneys provide international clients with aggressive legal defense and skillful negotiation to resolve tax disputes with the IRS and state taxing authorities. The criminal, civil and financial consequences of a tax matter can be severe for expatriates and American workers living abroad. Do not delay in seeking a resolution.

The Effects Of Tax Liabilities

Difficulties in understanding and obtaining legal help with tax filings while living abroad, combined with physical and psychological distance from the U.S., often cause expatriates and American workers living abroad to fall behind in filing or paying taxes. Common tax problems encountered by clients living outside the U.S. include the IRS and foreign government collection actions on past U.S. tax bills.

The government will monitor your movements in and out of the U.S. and will work with other countries through reciprocity agreements to collect monies it believes are owed, even when the information may be incorrect.

Understand the issues and get legal advice:

  • If you have not paid your U.S. tax liability
  • If you believe the IRS or a state tax authority is seeking to collect taxes from you
  • If you believe that criminal proceedings have begun that could prevent you from returning to the U.S.

Speak with a lawyer at Kundra & Associates. We understand tax laws and their application to nationals and Americans living abroad. We protect your interests while working to resolve your international tax controversy and bring you into compliance with U.S. tax laws so you need not fear IRS seizure of assets, or criminal prosecution for tax fraud or evasion upon your return to the United States.

Handling Of Highly Complex Matters

In addition, the international tax defense attorneys of Kundra & Associates:

  • Defend businesses and individuals who owe tax on income, such as capital gains, from assets located in the U.S. or in foreign bank accounts
  • Defend foreign beneficiaries of trusts that the IRS alleges to be hiding taxable assets
  • Defend high-asset clients who have come under review because of the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) requirements

Contact An Experienced Tax Attorney

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