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Lawyers Putting A Stop To IRS Seizures

Through an IRS seizure, the federal government can collect back taxes that an individual or business may have owed for several years. Various state taxing authorities can seize property as well.

If a taxpayer repeatedly disregards notice from the government regarding unpaid taxes owed, the taxpayer is in jeopardy of losing assets. The IRS can:

  • Levy your sources of funds and seize bank accounts
  • File a tax lien
  • Seek and enforce a judgment against you or your business
  • Begin to auction off your assets such as automobiles, homes, and other items of personal and income-producing value

Tax attorneys at Kundra & Associates in Rockville, Maryland, pursue the taxpayers’ legal relief and assistance with strength, integrity and focus. Focused exclusively on tax law, we find solutions for our clients.

We also represent business owners threatened with tax liens.

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Are You At Risk Of Losing Your Home And Assets?

Regarding IRS seizure of property, it is important to note that state homestead laws do not protect taxpayers from an IRS tax lien. For example, when one spouse has not paid taxes due and a lien is filed, the IRS can force the sale of the house to satisfy payment. Essentially, half of the remaining proceeds from the forced sale of the home will go toward the tax liability, and the remaining half is given to the other spouse.

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