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Addressing International Tax Issues When Doing Business Abroad

The attorneys of Kundra & Associates provide legal support and guidance to businesses looking to expand into overseas and U.S. markets.

If you have been contacted by the IRS for noncompliance, or would prefer to be proactive to avoid such communication, it is important that you contact us.

Interested In Doing Business Abroad? We Can Help.

At Kundra & Associates, we advise businesses on the legal components of doing business abroad, which may include the following issues:

Businesses operating abroad must abide by U.S. tax laws, as well as those of the host country. One of the biggest concerns of U.S. businesses is that of double taxation — by the United States and the country where the business or part thereof is located. The U.S. has a number of tax treaties with other countries, protecting businesses from double taxation. Our attorneys advise on these and other international tax law issues.

Doing Business In And Around India

Our attorneys advise U.S. clients conducting business in India as well as assist Asian businesses operating in the U.S. Asian markets are attractive for a variety of reasons, and we can help you gain access. Kundra & Associates has a satellite office in Mumbai. We have close attorney and chartered accountant contacts there that can guide you through the required steps of operating your business. We can assist you with U.S. and international tax matters that you may be facing.

For more information, contact our international tax lawyers by calling 301-637-8130. Our main office is located in Rockville, Maryland.