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Seeking IRS Rulings Concerning Tax Controversies

We are one of the premier law firms on the East Coast helping clients to determine how the tax law applies to their organization, or how they can best use a specific tax position to their advantage. When accountants want to take a certain tax position, you need an experienced tax attorney to counsel you about whether it is advisable to get an advanced ruling from the government. When you want to make a deal and sell off a portion of your business, you need advice on how to structure the transaction.

You need to understand the impact to your business before making these important decisions. Contact a Maryland transactional tax services attorney to help minimize damage and exposure caused by the tax effect on your organization.

Providing A Wide Variety Of Tax Representation

At Kundra & Associates, in Rockville, Maryland, our IRS rulings attorneys effectively advise clients on their business and personal affairs from a tax standpoint. A sample of our representation on IRS rulings and for transactional tax clients includes the following:

  • Excise taxes
  • Nonprofits seeking an IRS ruling (earning the IRS blessing/seal of approval)
  • Employee vs. independent contractor issues
  • The acquisition, disposition or sale of business assets with tax implications (designating property for tax efficiency)

When a charitable entity seeks an IRS ruling, we advise clients on taking a specific tax position to earn the IRS’s blessing or seal of approval on a transaction. If this does not occur before taking a tax position, we can help resolve what is likely to turn into a complicated tax issue.

If you are unsure whether to classify the workers of your organization as employees or independent contractors, we can help with the complex process of requesting a private letter ruling for your unique business structure.

Providing Experienced Tax Guidance

We help clients improve their tax advantage. Contact an IRS rulings lawyer for reputable representation by calling 301-637-8130.