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Tax Attorneys Defending You From Allegations Of Wrongdoing

If the IRS believes that you have engaged in tax fraud or tax evasion, you could face criminal charges. Conviction on such charges can result in a lengthy prison term as well as fines and the seizure of your property. When investigating, the IRS is looking for telltale signs of your intent and how it manifested in your actions. By the time they come knocking, the activity in question has already occurred.

Taking Prompt Action When Allegations Arise

Kundra & Associates has the requisite knowledge and skill to meet with investigators, attorneys and government counsel. We regularly handle complicated and confusing tax situations — we know how to do much more than protect your rights; we can ensure that the aftermath of this situation is minimized.

Do not delay seeking legal representation. The tax fraud lawyers at Kundra & Associates can competently and aggressively represent you when the IRS comes to call. Call 301-637-8130 or complete our case evaluation form.

Kundra & Associates invites inquiries at any stage of a case, from initial notification through criminal court procedures involving the IRS.

Experienced, Effective Tax Fraud And Evasion Defense

The tax fraud and evasion attorneys of the law firm of Kundra & Associates defend people and entities that are being investigated for tax fraud, failure to file and/or tax evasion. They have negotiated resolutions for many happy clients both innocent and those not so innocent.

In many cases, criminal tax penalties can be avoided altogether through representation by an experienced tax fraud lawyer at the early stages of a tax controversy and/or investigation. Criminal investigation can be alerted at any stage of your matter with the IRS; whether this is during an audit, through an informant, positions taken on tax returns or by not filing.

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