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Lawyers Protecting Your Business From An IRS Seizure

The IRS has a right to shut down your business — and the power to destroy it — when employment and related business taxes are not filed and/or paid. IRS seizure of your business assets to satisfy a tax liability could result in the collapse or severe debilitation of the business.

What many do not know is that current IRS policies require the imposition of liability against a responsible party prior to compromising a business tax debt. We represent clients in these matters to ensure that their businesses and personal finances remain reasonably intact.

At Kundra & Associates, our experienced tax defense attorneys are dedicated to preventing IRS seizures and protecting the businesses of our clients.

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Don’t Risk The Loss Of Your Business

When looking to forcibly satisfy your tax debt, the IRS may begin by seizing your business’s accounts receivable. This affects your company’s reputation and relationships with vendors. In addition, the IRS will value the assets and seek the business records of the company as well as any other business where a related interest may be present. Your banking lines of credit may also be affected when institutions learn of the IRS seizure.

The effects of an IRS business seizure can be highly damaging to your business, professional reputation and your personal finances. You have rights, and with skilled and focused legal representation, it is possible to overcome the challenge you face.

Our tax attorneys can help you pay off your tax debts and allow your business to prosper.

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