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Various Industries Face Various Tax Laws

Tax rules and obligations can become overwhelming for businesses throughout all industries. Kundra & Associates is one of the East Coast’s premiere United States and international tax law firms. Dedicated exclusively to tax defense and tax counsel, we can assist you with resolving matters with the IRS.

The Need For In-Depth Tax Planning

Seasonal industries and those who have customers tied to such markets must plan and account for the taxes that are inherent to their products and/or service line given the fluctuations in income. You need to know how to keep track of your income, and how to report and pay taxes. Many industries have specific concerns that we can address. Not only can we help you with the current situation, but we can work with you to properly plan and account for the future. Many times the purpose is to allow you to continue to work on your business while we resolve matters with the IRS. Once you are back on your feet, you are better able to maintain current and future compliance.

If you operate a business in more than one state, you know that taxes may differ from one state to another. It is in your best interest to be duly informed as to what you must do to ensure compliance with filing and payments.

Independent contractors also need to plan and manage their income stream so they are able to maintain their lifestyle and pay necessary expenses. Included in a necessary expense is the need to schedule the payment of estimated taxes. From this, entrepreneurs start the foundation of dynamic growth.

Tax Attorneys With Knowledge Of Industry Operations

If you fail to file, or fail to pay taxes owed, you could face civil and criminal penalties. Our tax attorneys can help you whatever your situation. If you currently face sanctions, we may be able to reduce penalties and related fees. Contact a tax issue lawyer today. Call us for a consultation at 301-637-8130. We are Maryland tax attorneys who also serve Washington, D.C.