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Helping With Complex Tax Issues Regarding Operation Of Your Foreign Business In The U.S.

Complying with and understanding your U.S. tax obligations is essential for smooth business operations in the U.S. Timely reporting and paying on taxes are required for U.S. compliance. Failure to do so can result in penalties outside of civil and criminal compliance.

  • Your circumstances may be affected by your home country’s relations with the U.S. There may be a tax treaty easing your operations and tax obligations.
  • You must consider your choice of entity in the U.S. Things may change relative to the needs of your operations in the U.S. and therefore may work differently from your home country. There is the issue of double taxation and related structuring issues. Concerns with the nationality of your shareholders and the impact of their reporting requirements must also be considered.
  • The designation of branches and subsidiaries will affect tax levels.
  • Characterization of workers as independent contractors or employees is important. U.S. law mandates how workers are characterized and if taxes must be withheld.
  • Should you maintain U.S. operations with foreign workers, your withholding obligations here come into play.

In addition to the Internal Revenue Service, the states in which you do business can have tax laws that impact your business operations. Kundra & Associates has successfully defended its clients across the country. We have lawyers licensed to practice and therefore litigate in a variety of states. We can assist you both administratively and with local attorneys to accomplish the needful in court.

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Ignoring an IRS or state notice is not a strategy that works in the U.S. A tax attorney who is well-versed in tax controversy law can keep you informed of your rights, from timely notification to navigating government procedures designed to protect you and provide for fairness in the collection process. Avoiding the payment of taxes can cause the forced closure of your business, sale of business assets, seizing of real estate, bank accounts and payments from third parties. Further, taxing authorities can assess personal liability as well as civil and criminal tax penalties.

Attorney Chaya Kundra has over 17 years of experience in the area of tax law. Prior to her private practice, she worked for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Her numerous published articles, awards, lectures and associations only are but an example of her ability to strongly and effectively advocate on your behalf. Contact us Kundra & Associates at our Rockville, Maryland, office by calling 301-637-8130.