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Helping Businesses Deal With Complex Tax Issues

Tax disputes with the IRS or a state tax authority can lead to serious legal and financial problems.

Kundra & Associates is a premier East Coast law firm that helps businesses to avoid tax controversies. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, from mid-to large-sized corporations to family-run businesses and entrepreneurial businesses and sole proprietorships. We have a comprehensive understanding of tax laws and tax controversy resolution methods and readily address the tax issues that impact U.S. businesses.

To learn how we can help you, call Kundra & Associates at 301-637-8130.

The Sorts Of Business Representation We Provide

Kundra & Associates can assist you in matters involving:

Tax issues for business — Kundra & Associates provides advice and representation for small- to large-sized businesses regarding tax classifications, compliance with federal and state taxes, tax controversies, transactional taxes and other issues.

Corporate tax liability — Including income taxes, employment taxes, sales taxes and transactional taxes related to the purchase or sale of a business.

Personal liability for business tax — Business owners, executives, bookkeepers and those who have the authority to sign and/or cut checks can be held personally responsible for business taxes. Should you face a problem, we can advise and effectively represent you by carving out a resolution for you personally as well as the business itself so as to minimize exposure for the related entities.

Sales tax liability — We aggressively defend business owners regarding sales tax investigations, hearings and levies for unpaid sales taxes in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Industry-specific issues — Our lawyers advise and represent businesses, independent contractors and individuals regarding a wide range of tax issues such as those facing:

  • Seasonal businesses
  • Entertainers and athletes
  • Construction
  • Food
  • Manufacturing
  • Service organizations
  • Businesses operating in multiple states and countries
  • Internet gambling operators and individuals who use their services

Contact An Attorney

To schedule a consultation regarding corporate tax controversies or disputes confronting your business, contact Kundra & Associates by calling 301-637-8130. We serve clients internationally and nationally, inclusive of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

We deal with a wide variety of agencies, including the IRS, Maryland SDAT, the DC Office Of Tax and Revenue, and the Virginia Department Of Taxation.