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Tax Abatement And Claims For Refund

Abatement and claim for refund are two advantageous means of dealing with government debt for individuals and businesses. Each offers various advantages:

  • Abatement — Penalties can accumulate readily, increasing a tax debt you may have already had a hard time paying. Abatement allows you to focus repayment efforts on the amount owed before penalties. This can be a benefit to taxpayers who do not have successive years with balances owed. To secure an abatement, a person has to satisfy the reasonable person standard, i.e., a reasonable person in your circumstances could not have paid his or her tax debt either.
  • Claim for refund — In some instances, taxpayers may pay the taxes they owed to the IRS, including penalties and interest, only to find that they have overpaid. There are many possible reasons why the total amount paid was not valid. We can help you take advantage of every opportunity to secure the return of any funds that should not have been paid to the IRS. There are several steps that can be taken to secure your fund’s return starting with an administrative examination of the claim by the IRS. If that fails to secure the return of overpaid funds, we can help you appeal to the IRS. The next step, if necessary, would be to file a claim in federal district court or the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

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