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Protect Your Passport Despite Tax Problems

It is painful – and sometimes bad for business or family life – to have one’s passport revoked or to become aware of the threat of revocation. These undesirable experiences happen to many thousands of Americans each year on the basis of tax problems with the IRS.

The IRS may have revoked your passport or threatened to do so after you fell far behind on taxes, incurring what the IRS calls a “seriously delinquent tax burden.” You may still have your passport but received an IRS notice or letter such as the CP508C or Letter 6152. While this can be frightening and upsetting, it may also indicate that you have time to stop the revocation if you take action right away. Kundra & Associates, P.C., has helped many clients who were at risk of losing their passports temporarily or permanently over legal problems involving taxes.

How We Can Help You Keep Your Passport In Spite Of IRS Tax Problems

Tax law attorney Chaya Kundra has over 25 years of experience and countless honors, publications and favorable case outcomes for previous clients. She is prepared to act swiftly and aggressively to preserve your passport even if you have tax arrearage problems. Her skills and sense of urgency are assets that have helped many of our clients keep or recover their passports in spite of tax liens, levies and other IRS collection actions.

Revocation of passports for tax delinquency reasons is not a new phenomenon, but the practice dramatically increased with the passage of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act in 2018. That law specifies that taxpayers owing more than $51,000 in legally enforceable federal tax debt may have their passports revoked or may have applications for passports denied. Once taxpayers have received notices of pending passport revocation, they have 30 days to respond. It is critical to get a tax attorney working on your case promptly if you receive such a notice. You may be able to keep your passport through maneuvers such as getting a tax repayment plan or an offer in compromise (OIC) approved by the IRS.

Does The IRS Claim That You Have A “Seriously Delinquent” Tax Burden, Putting Your Passport At Risk? Contact Our Attorneys.

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