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Sales Tax

2022 Sales Tax Holiday Reminder

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot reminds taxpayers that this year's sales tax holiday for back-to-school items occurs from Sunday, August 14, 2022 through Saturday, August 20, 2022. Any single qualifying article of clothing or footwear priced $100 or less,...

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How to avoid a tax audit

While Maryland residents may sometimes worry about the chances of being audited by the IRS on their taxes, the chances of it happening are actually rather small for most people. However, those who would like to keep their chances even lower may want to engage in some...

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Understanding sales and use tax

Businesses in Maryland are required to pay various taxes, but which types of taxes depends on the type of business. Sales and use tax are taxes paid on merchandise that is sold or rented. Only one of these taxes is applicable to each transaction. Generally, use tax is...

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