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Sales tax burdens are higher in some states

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Sales Tax |

Maryland residents may be used to paying sales tax on most purchases that they make. However, they do not pay as much as Hawaiians. Hawaii residents pay an average of $2,090 in sales taxes each year. North Dakota, Washington, Nevada and Wyoming are also in the top five for sales tax rates.

In most cases, goods are subject to sales taxes while services are not. However, some goods are not subject to tax. For instance, groceries and camping supplies may not be taxed. There are five states that do not have a sales tax. They are New Hampshire, Oregon, Alaska, Delaware and Montana.

Businesses that sell items subject to sales tax are generally required to collect and remit them to the proper taxing authorities. Failure to do so could result in financial penalties and other actions being taken against a company. The owner of a company could be personally liable depending on the circumstances in a case. It may be beneficial for a business owner to consult with an attorney if sales or other tax issues arise.

Doing so may make it possible to create a defense against charges of tax fraud or failing to report sales taxes. This may be especially helpful in cases relating to online sales involving companies and customers in states with differing sales tax laws. Typically, a business owner may escape serious penalties if it can be shown that there was no intent to break the law by not collecting sales tax on a given sale. It may also be possible to show that some sales were not subject to sales tax.