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IRS Tax Exempt/Government Entity Division 2023 Accomplishments Letter Achievements Highlighted

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Blog |

IRS Tax Exempt/Government Entity Division focuses on its Operational Improvements in its 2023 Accomplishments Letter which runs through the agency’s Sep. 30, 2023, fiscal year-end.

The Achievements Highlighted Include:

  • The hiring of 197 new employees:
      • 113 Revenue Agents and
      • 64 Tax Examiners.
  • Approved 103,073 exempt organization (EO) determination applications of the 119,491 it closed.
  • New Online tool allows taxpayers to electronically upload responses to requests for information. The result: faster case processing time.
  • Continued focus on exam-related improvements & expects to publish the new TE/GE Consolidated Examination Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) in FY 2024.
  • Of the 2,464 EO returns examined, (Form 990 series+) along with employment and excise returns, the result was 76% closed with a change in tax and 141 tax-exempt entities recommended for tax exempt revocation.

See:  2023 Accomplishments Letter.