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Tax Law

Understanding alter ego liability

Partnerships and sole proprietorships are not separate legal entities from their owners. Therefore, the IRS treats the business and the owner as the same person for tax purposes. On the other hand, corporations are separate entities from their owners. However, the IRS...

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2021 Tax Season Updates

2021 Tax Season Begins 1/24: IRS says it has updated its programming to accommodate recipients of advance child tax credit (CTC) payments and those eligible for “recovery rebate credit.” (IR 2022-8, 1/10/22) US Supreme Court & Timing of USTC Petition: Petitioner...

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Understanding IRS tax audits

The IRS may decide to audit your small business to check whether the reported taxable loss, income, deductions, and expenses comply with the federal tax laws. If there was a mistake, your business could be liable for interest or penalty. Most business owners and...

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How does tax withholding work?

In the United States, employers are required to withhold taxes from their employee's paychecks. The withholding amount is automatically deducted by the employer from each paycheck and is determined by an employee's wages and marital and family status. However, many...

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