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Numerous MSNBC personalities dealing with tax liens

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Tax Liens |

We have written about tax liens before, and today we have an interesting story about this imposing penalty that the Internal Revenue Service can apply to those who run afoul of tax laws. MSNBC has at least six host or pundits right now that are under a tax lien, with two others who left the network recently also under a lien. They include such prominent personalities as Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton.

The liens in question often deal with figures in the low-to-mid thousands of dollars. For example, Matthews has a lien under his name for roughly $4,000, according to the report. Of course, many people around the country deal with tax liens and they may be facing liens that are far more substantive than even that.

Tax liens prevent people from seeking new lines of credit or even moving pieces of property that are under the lien. It is a stiff penalty and one that is meant to compel the person with the lien to pay the IRS what they supposedly owe the tax agency. There are many effective ways that people who have a lien on their record can deal with the lien, but it is imperative that they seek legal help if they want to ensure that it happens appropriately.

Somehow, we think these MSNBC personalities will be alright, given their lofty professions. However, that doesn’t mean the lien isn’t punishing. Constructively addressing a lien is paramount when the IRS informs you of these penalties.

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