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Identities of delinquent taxpayers are released

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2018 | Tax Crimes |

The unpaid tax debt owed by 20 individual and 25 business taxpayers in Maryland totals over $12 million according to an announcement by the state comptroller. The names of the delinquent taxpayers were posted on the agency’s website in an effort to compel them to pay their overdue taxes.

According to the prepared statement issued by the state comptroller, the Caught in the Web program brings attention to a select number of individuals and enterprises that purposely try to avoid paying the substantial amount of taxes that they owe. He goes on to state that his office is dedicated to making sure that all residents pay their taxes and admonishes the taxpayers who have decided to enjoy the benefits of the state while actively not fulfilling their legal duty to pay their taxes.

Over $45 million has been collected by the Comptroller’s Office from taxpayers whose identities were revealed on one of the agency’s lists over the years. The program for revealing the names of the delinquent taxpayers has been in effect since 2000.

Individuals and businesses that do not pay their taxes are initially sent a certified letter from the comptroller. The letter lists all their unpaid balances for taxes, penalties and interest. Any taxpayers who do not contact the agency to address their tax debt or enroll in a payment agreement become eligible to be exposed by the Caught in the Web program. These taxpayers have liens filed against them and are advised before the release of the list that their names will be included.

A tax law attorney may work to safeguard the rights and interests of taxpayers who have been accused of tax crimes, such as tax evasion. The attorney may try to negotiate for lesser charges or penalties on behalf of clients.