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Protection For Innocent Spouses Regarding Tax Matters

The Maryland attorneys at Kundra & Associates assist individuals in obtaining relief from the tax liabilities of a current or former spouse. Both spouses are implicitly liable for tax shown on a jointly filed tax return. However, under special provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, one spouse can request to be excused from the joint tax liability taxpayer under certain conditions.

When Relief Is Available?

There are actually three types of relief available to joint filers depending on the circumstances:

  1. Innocent spouse relief is available for spouses who were unaware of a tax understatement attributable to the other spouse.
  2. Separation of liability relief allows joint return filers who are widowed, divorced, legally separated or have lived apart for at least one year to limit their liability for deficiencies on the joint return.
  3. Equitable relief allows joint tax return filers to avoid liability for unpaid amounts shown on joint tax returns. In some cases, it also allows joint tax return filers to avoid liability for a deficiency that does not qualify for relief under either of the first two provisions.

Whether, and to what extent, you can take advantage of the above provisions depends on your own particular facts and circumstances. Contact us if you would like to discuss whether these options are available in your individual situation. We can help you secure the best possible resolution to your substantial tax debt.

Helping Innocent Spouses Resolve Their Tax Issues

When you are facing substantial tax debt, the lawyers of Kundra & Associates can help you make sense of the situation and effectively pursue an optimal tax burden through innocent spouse relief. To schedule an initial consultation, call 301-637-8130 or contact us online.