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Find Relief From A Tax Lien Or Levy

Whether you have fallen into tax troubles as an individual or a business owner, you may now be facing formidable challenges through tax collections, including tax liens or levies. Does the IRS, the Office of the Comptroller of Maryland, the Office of Tax and Revenue in Washington, D.C., or another tax-collecting agency claim that you have failed to meet your income, employment or sales tax obligations? You may have received a notice of a tax lien, an intent to levy, or a final notice about a lien or levy. Turning to a trusted tax law attorney is vitally important at this time.

Kundra & Associates, P.C., dedicated solely to tax law matters, is a valuable resource for taxpayers in trouble targeted by tax liens and levies. Ignoring tax obligations is risky, but ignoring notifications of liens or levies can have disastrous results. Once those liens or levies take hold, your personal and business finances, and/or other assets could be seized or frozen beyond remedy. Responding promptly with a plan of action may lead you back to compliance – and control of your resources.

Learn About Your Tax Lien Defense Options

Don’t feel helpless over a pending tax lien or levy. You need to confront this legal emergency with a sense of purpose and resolve. Attorney Chaya Kundra, with more than 25 years of experience, can help you get back on track.

For example, she may recommend that you complete and file IRS Form 12153 Request for a Collection Due Process or Equivalent Hearing within the time limit of 30 days. She may help you overcome a lien or levy through one or more of the following methods: Pay the taxes and petition for a penalty abatement. Arrange for a payment plan, a partial payment plan or an offer of compromise. Get a withdrawal of the tax lien. Request a certificate of discharge or subordination of the tax lien on assets. Negotiate for a currently not collectible (CNC) status. File for bankruptcy.

An Attorney Can Help You Now

A detailed review of your situation will enable Ms. Kundra to advise and guide you expeditiously. She can help you work out a plan to address back tax debts with the least disruption possible to your financial stability.

To devise a strategy suited to your circumstances, start by scheduling a consultation by calling 301-637-8130 or by sending an email inquiry.