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Attorneys Resolving Tax Issues And Disputes

Never, under any circumstance, ignore a notice from the IRS or state tax authority. Seek help from an experienced tax attorney at Kundra & Associates immediately. We can discuss your rights, your responsibilities, your options and the potential consequences of your particular tax matter.

Risks Involved In Not Responding To IRS And State Notices

The sooner you obtain our help, the better. If you owe back taxes, you risk the IRS or the state:

  • Levying your bank account
  • Garnishing your wages
  • Forcing the sale of your assets

In even more extreme cases, you can face criminal tax penalties or incarceration.

We are knowledgeable tax lawyers who offer you the best chance at preserving your rights and getting back on solid legal ground for the future.

National And International Representation

Kundra & Associates, a law firm focused on taxation issues based in Rockville, Maryland, provides legal advice and counsel in areas including:

  • IRS, Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation, DC Office of Tax and Revenue or Virginia Department of Taxation actions against international taxpayers with U.S. tax liability
  • U.S. tax liability for foreign corporations or individuals regarding business or investment activity in the U.S.
  • Divorce disputes involving tax liability
  • Criminal tax fraud or evasion investigations
  • Lengthy audits
  • Audits involving legal or incomplete substantiation issues
  • Incomplete or inadequate books and records
  • Not filing returns for a number of years
  • A large balance of money owed
  • Inability to pay
  • Not owing taxes despite IRS allegations to the contrary

Benefits Of Qualified Advocacy

Communicating directly with IRS personnel can be intimidating, frightening and risky. We can communicate with them on your behalf and walk you through your options. For example, you may qualify for uncollectible status, installment agreements and an Offer In Compromise (OIC), which would allow you to pay only a portion of what you owe.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced tax attorney, contact Kundra & Associates in Rockville, Maryland. Inquiries are welcome from Virginia, Maryland, the Washington, D.C., area, nationwide and worldwide.