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The IRS and state taxing authorities have substantial legal resources on which they can call upon to recover tax assessments. Kundra & Associates does not just level the playing field — we put our clients at an advantage.

Kundra & Associates tax lawyers navigate challenging situations involving the IRS and state agencies such as the Maryland Comptroller, Virginia Taxing Authority, and the DC Office of Tax and Revenue. For those who find themselves already involved in issues with the IRS, a state agency or the failure to report earnings overseas, we are aggressive advocates who work diligently to achieve our clients’ goals.

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What Our Tax Lawyers Can Do For You

As a premier East Coast law firm, we assist with:

Additionally, we offer greater understanding of questions that include:

Skilled Tax Law Attorneys Representing You

When you are facing challenging tax issues, the attorneys of Kundra & Associates can help you make sense of the situation and effectively pursue an optimal tax resolution. To schedule an initial consultation, call 301-637-8130 or contact us online.

We serve clients internationally and nationally, including those in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.