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Skilled Tax Attorneys Dealing With Government Contracting Issues

The inner and outer loop of the beltway for Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., is home to thousands of companies that provide or seek to provide goods and services to the federal and state governments. As government contracts are much sought after, the process of procuring them is stringent. Government contractors are held to higher fiscal standards than is typically required from other companies.

Kundra & Associates can help to ensure that a past tax problem does not limit your future business. Talk to us before you enter the bidding process. Contact the experienced tax attorneys at Kundra & Associates.

Pre-Existing Tax Liabilities May Hinder Your Business

A company that carries a tax liability is less likely to be awarded a government contract, and proposed legislation seeks to prohibit it altogether. The government is becoming more savvy to contractors who owe back tax obligations, whether they be corporate tax liabilities or employment tax liabilities.

Many of the prospective government contractors who seek tax advice and tax representation at Kundra & Associates have unresolved tax-related disputes with the IRS or a state taxing authority. Facing high interest and heavy penalties, they are looking for options that will allow them to make good on their tax debt while still maintaining a viable business and competing for new business from the government.

The tax defense lawyers at Kundra & Associates work closely with all types of businesses to develop effective strategies that protect business operations while also resolving past tax problems. In many cases, this involves skillful negotiation to reduce tax penalties and interest and prevent IRS seizure of corporate assets.

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