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Year: 2020

What is a tax lien?

Every year Americans are required to file their federal income taxes by the stipulated annual deadline. This year, that deadline was extended due to the unprecedented circumstances of the worldwide pandemic. Individuals living in the District of Columbia metro area...

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What are payroll taxes?

Most of us experience, or have experienced, payroll tax withholding but with more recent discussions about the topic, what exactly are payroll taxes? It is helpful for any taxpayer who is seeing their hard-earned dollars withheld every month to understand what payroll...

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Tax News

MAILBOX RULE For COVID & Beyond? According to the IRS, with the July 15 filing and tax returns possibly sitting in mail facilities for several days because of COVID-19, by following IRC §7502 Mailbox Rule, a return will be treated as filed on the date of the...

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Tax News Tidbits

We hope that you are all continuing to stay safe and healthy out there and taking advantage of the many IRS and Maryland relief programs available.  We are resuming meetings via Zoom and look forward to seeing you there!  Our last meeting was informative and fun—with...

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September Tax Law Updates

Portions of this content are available on the IRS website and elsewhere. We have reposted it here for your information and convenience. Layoff & Rehire During COVID & Qualified Plan Partial Termination Rules IRS advises that employees laid off because of...

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