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Accountants, attorneys and audits

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Audits |

Maryland residents who have unresolved tax issues may benefit from using the services of both accountants and attorneys. The services that they offer complement each other. In many cases, both the client and the accountant benefit from working with an attorney.

Attorneys may be particularly helpful in cases in which there are audit and collection concerns. The legal advice they provide can be helpful in determining whether an audit should be protested. Attorneys also have the qualifications to conduct research and present legal defenses in situations in which an appeal is filed. They help prepare clients for negotiation and may be instrumental in obtaining a more favorable outcome for a client.

When there is an attorney providing services to a client in conjunction with an accountant, the accountant will be able to pay attention to tax preparation, planning and consulting services while the attorney addresses any audits or tax controversies. A client may be reassured by the fact that there are professionals who are working on different aspects of their tax matters.

Accountants may find the right attorney with whom to partner to resolve a client’s tax issues by making sure the attorney has the right type of experience in dealing with the IRS. The attorney should also be open to being a resource of information.

A tax attorney may help protect the rights and interests of clients who have been selected for tax audits. The attorney might represent clients during audit hearings to provide a defense against any taxpayer errors on a return. The attorney may also be able to negotiate to lessen penalty assessments.