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To avoid tax controversies, business owners and managers need to understand state and federal tax laws. This is critical, because a tax dispute with the IRS or a state tax authority can lead to very serious legal and financial problems.

At Kundra & Associates, we provide comprehensive advice to businesses of all sizes, from mid-to large-sized corporations to family-run businesses and entrepreneurial businesses and sole proprietorships. With our comprehensive understanding of tax laws and tax controversy resolution methods, we can address most tax issues impacting one's U.S. business enterprise.

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IRS — Maryland SDAT — DC Office of Tax and Revenue — Virginia Department of Taxation

Kundra & Associates can assist you in matters involving:

Tax issues for business — Kundra & Associates provides advice and representation for small- to large-sized businesses regarding tax classifications, compliance with federal and state taxes, tax controversies, transactional taxes and other issues.

Corporate tax liability — Including income taxes, employment taxes, sales taxes and transactional taxes related to the purchase or sale of a business

Personal liability for business tax — Business owners, executives, bookkeepers and those who have the authority to sign and/or cut checks can be held personally responsible for business taxes. Should you face a problem, we can advise and effectively represent you by carving out a resolution for you personally as well as the business itself so as to minimize exposure for the related entities.

Sales tax liability — We aggressively defend business owners regarding sales tax investigations, hearings and levies for unpaid sales taxes in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Industry-specific issues — Our lawyers advise and represent businesses, independent contractors and individuals regarding a wide range of tax issues such as those facing:

Aggressively Protecting Your Rights and Interests

When tax problems arise, a business tax lawyer from Kundra & Associates can offer vigorous defense regarding tax controversies, including tax evasion or fraud.

You can depend on the corporate and business tax attorneys of Kundra & Associates to do everything within their power to protect and advocate for your rights and interests.

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To schedule a consultation regarding corporate tax controversies or disputes confronting your business, contact Kundra & Associates. We serve clients internationally and nationally, inclusive of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.